My Mom

I have been thinking a lot of late about my Mom. Her health is deteriorating fairly rapidly so she may not be around here on this planet much longer. I have a few memories about my Dad before 1960, but most of my memories are of my Mom in those days when my Dad was in the Navy often gone on a ship overseas. I remember conversations we would have as a result of a question I would have when we came home from church. I was like a lot of kids in that I had a 100 questions about everything, and Mom would patiently work at satisfying my curiosity. I think kids get a “learners heart” in their younger years from their parents. I love to learn, study, read, and listen to those who are teaching. It is an obvious fact that many young people in our culture today either aren’t interested in learning new things or they think that they already know it all. Today I love the Lord with all my heart because of my Mom, I am always learning and doing new things because of my mom, I want to do more for the Lord, much more, I am driven to do His work and please Him with my life, that is because of my Mom as well. I thank the Lord for His great gift to me of my parents, I am who I am today because of their influence in my life. I pray, Lord Jesus that You will bless my Mom with a great sense of a your pleasure in her because of her faithfulness over the many years of her life, and fill her with peace in these last days as a good servant of Yours. I ask this with all of my heart as a fully devoted follower of You. Amen.

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