I was lost a couple of times in the woods while hunting when I was younger. One time I got back to camp well after midnight, and all of the guys that I was hunting with were very worried about me. The Bible talks about people being lost spiritually. Jesus said that His purpose for leaving heaven and coming to earth as a man was to seek and save the lost. To be spiritually lost is to be outside the family of God. To be in the family of God is to be with Him forever, to be taken care of by Him forever, to have a new body that doesn’t age. At the end of our life is a judgment, are we in the family of God or we are not. Those who are not will enter into what the Bible calls hell, a place of darkness and aloneness, a place of eternal regret. The sad thing about those who are lost is that when one chooses to become part of God’s family it requires nothing but believing and accepting that what Jesus did on the cross was real and that He did it for me, it is a free gift. Most who are lost spiritually don’t know that they are lost so in order for them to become part of God’s family someone needs to explain to them the gospel story. That is what those who are in God’s family are supposed to do, but most believers who are headed for heaven are to self absorbed to talk to others about their lostness. Sad but very true.

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