Simplicity vs Variety

A basic law of success in life is that the simpler your life is the more you will accomplish that really matters. I know that, and I am always trying to simplify my life but for some reason it keeps getting more complicated. I tend to get bored and unmotivated with lack of variety in my life so I am always doing new things, trying new things, and filling up my life. It is a constant battle inside of me maintaining the balance of focusing on a few important things vs lots of new things that get me excited. I sometimes get to the point that I simply get overwhelmed with all the things on my todo list and the chaos and confusion that begins to well up in my mind and soul. It then is sort of like a “hoarder” having a garage sale trying to get down to the basics again. I imagine that is tough for someone who has kept everything they have ever owned to see a truck haul it all off to St Vincent’s. The rule of simplifying our life is to identify the essentials and make those first place and then to go from there. The essentials are easy to identify for me, God and the spiritual disciplines, Patty and my family, and JBC and my ministry. Now is when it gets more difficult, fishing, boats, hunting, bow, guns, cars, house, travel, and more. It is all so much fun and exciting, it is tough to think of cutting anything out. I will keep working on it.

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