Good Workers

In the Bible Churches are called “The Body of Christ”. That means that a local church like my church, Jefferson Baptist or JBC, is supposed to function like one body or person. That one body or person is supposed to function like Jesus Christ, meaning that we do what Jesus did, or would do if He were physically on the earth now. In order for a church to serve a community and meet needs 2 things must be true of that church. First it must have good unity between all those who attend that church, because great ministries are always the result of many people working together with such unity that they are like one person. Second, a high percentage of those who are part of a church need to function as if they are part of a body. In my physical body if very many body parts don’t work I don’t accomplish much, and I will eventually die. The same is true of a church. If there are to many people attending simply to have their own needs met or to be blessed by the services not much will happen. This summer, like most summers we had a major building project on our facilities. We do these projects in cash from a “Special Offering”, and the work is done mostly by volunteers. This year we replaced all the windows in our gymnasium and in what we call the “Old Sanctuary“, replaced the 40 year old siding with “Hardi-plank” siding, and this weekend we are going to paint it. There have been many different people who have given time this summer on this project and some who have given many hours of hard work. Our facilities are our house, our home as a church family. It is where we gather together to worship the Lord, to teach and learn, to eat and fellowship, to counsel people, to minister to kids, and on the list goes. Our facilities are very functional, they are all paid for, they look nice, and they are a picture of the dedication and involvement of many in our church family.

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