Fruitful Labor

I am memorizing the book of Philippians in preparation for teaching through the book on Wednesday nights at JBC. In chapter one Paul is talking about the positives of dying and being with Jesus or of staying alive and being able to serve the Lord here on earth some more. He used the termfruitful labor” as the blessing of continuing to live on earth instead of in heaven. The longer I live the more I can accomplish for You Lord. Paul appears to be very passionate about the desire to accomplish more with his life, I wonder why? What was the underlying motive that drove him. I have that desire to do more, much more, and I often wonder why. It often bugs me that I can’t figure out my own motives. I periodically wish that I didn’t have this inner drive to do more and more, that I could just relax and do nothing. Get up any time I felt like it, spend most of my time with my grandkids, take lots of naps, have an easy, relaxing hobby like putting puzzles together instead of hunting, fishing, building things, bicycling across the nation, rafting down the Colorado River, and running marathons. I want to teach another seminar, write another book, grow our church bigger, teach another “Leadership Class”, start some more daughter churches, why?? Is it just pride? As I think about it I have come to the conclusion that is a result of my every morning prayer of commitment. One of the lines in my morning prayer of commitment is “today I will live my life as if it is the last one I have before I stand before You, Jesus and give an account of my life and am rewarded for the work I have done for You.” I have prayed that prayer every morning without fail for over 20 years. So, I will declare along with the Apostle Paul, “to live longer means more time to accomplish more with my life for the Lord”. I think I will still play with my grandkids, and take naps, but I will skip the puzzles!

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