People Watching at the Airport

We left Fairbanks, Alaska at midnight last night, and walked into our house at 11:00 am this morning. In the middle of the journey we had a 3 hour layover in Seattle, and I mostly sat in a chair and watched people. We normally don’t look at people for very long in real life because it is awkward and perceived as rude, but in the airport you can stare at a person and notice their eyes, how happy or sad they seem, how relaxed or stressed they look, how much bounce is in their walk, and how confident or fearful they seem as they look around. As I stared at people walking by in front of me I tried to perceive from what I could see whether they were believers in Jesus Christ or not. As I did that I wondered to myself, “what does a person who loves Jesus look like”? Then I wondered if others who stared at me as I walked down the aisle in a busy airport thought, “Now there goes a Christian”!

When people look intently at us, the squint in our eyes, the clenched teeth etc they see what is called our countenance. It is true that what we believe to be true, our sense of being loved by God, our freedom from worry about the future, and our freedom from guilt have a major impact on our countenance and it can be seen by others. Our countenance attracts people to us or repels them.

If my countenance seems hard and lacking in joy why would I be that way? It would be cool if we had some way of seeing our countenance and expression as we walked along like when you have your phone in selfie mode. I wonder if I could see my countenance if I would make an effort to improve it in the sense of attractiveness.

A basic principle is that what we predominantly think about controls our countenance. What do I think about most of the time? As Proverbs says, ” As a man thinks in his heart so he is”.

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