No Buck

I was on the lake in my boat when it was still pitch dark, in the perfect place on the lake to see the whole hillside coming down to the lake. I was pretty sure that the big bucks that were there the morning before would show again, and I would row over within 40 yards and get me a nice buck deer with my bow. There is a hiking trail all around the lake and just at the time I was expecting the deer to show a couple from the campground decided to have an early morning walk together around the lake, holding hands, and talking loudly. So, I did what any highly intelligent hunter would do, I started fishing, and I caught a lot of trout. The forecast is for a thunder storm here tomorrow at 11:00 am, and Thunderstorms in the Steen’s at 8,000 plus feet can be major gully washers, in fact there was a weather alert warning that showed up on my phone for the Steen’s, so we are going to get up early and be all packed and headed home by 10:30 am.

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