Boat Hunting

This morning I decided to get up before day light to fish on “Fish Lake” in the Steen’s Mountains. We are camped right next to it and my 10 foot pram is always in the lake ready to go when I want to fish. This morning the lake was so beautiful as I could barely see across it before the sun came up. I was doing a slow troll with a wet fly and I saw a beaver swimming across the lake and followed it with my eye as it headed to a big beaver lodge on the side of the lake. As I watched the beaver I saw two really big bucks drinking from the lake, I could hardly believe my eyes. I have been hiking all over trying to find a buck to shoot with my bow and here are 2 monsters less than 200 yards from my tent. I slowly rowed my boat towards them, and they hardly paid any attention to me, I think they thought I was a big beaver. I got within 33 yards according to my range finder and attempted a shot, but I have never shot a bow sitting down out of a boat, a very little boat before. I missed so badly he only took a few steps and stopped and I got a second shot, same story. So, I did some practicing today, and I am ready for those bucks. I plan on being on the lake in my boat at 5:30 am, I am going to have my binoculars, and I am going to glass the hill above the lake and when they head down I will be there waiting for them. Great plan! 😬😬😬😬 I am so nervous that something is going to go wrong! I will let you know tomorrow how it all turns out😳😳

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