August is a good month, in fact it is my favorite month. August 24th is when I married my wonderful wife, and this August 24th is our 50th wedding Anniversary. August 24th is also the opening of Archery Season in Oregon for both deer and elk. We are going to celebrate our 50th by leaving Monday, August 26th, for the Steen’s Mountains and camp for two weeks, and I will hunt for deer and elk with my bow. Patty really enjoys camping, and she is as excited about this celebration event as I am in spite of the fact that some skeptics think that this celebration is mostly for me. Part of what makes Patty such a wonderful wife is that if I get excited about something she automatically gets excited about it with me. Back when I bought a Yamaha 1100 V Star motorcycle in order to take a 9000 mile trip, hitting all lower 48 States, all by myself with all my camping stuff on the back of the bike, having only ridden a motorcycle for a couple of months, most thought I was crazy. Patty got as excited as I did, not because of the trip itself, I am sure she was very nervous about my safety, but simply because I was excited about it. When I abruptly quit college in order to go back to the family dairy with my Dad, and live in the basement of my folks house, Patty was excited about the new adventure along with me. When I left the security of farming with my Dad to start a dairy of my own, she was right there with me and spent as much time milking cows as I did. When I went broke on that adventure, and decided God was calling me to be a pastor, and accepted a call to a little church of about 20 people meeting in a grade school gym in Jefferson, Oregon, Patty jumped right into the challenge of being a pastors wife, and handled very positively the pressures of living in a fishbowl as it were, as the Pastor’s family. Yep, it has been a good 50 years with a wonderful wife, and that is why August is my favorite month.

By the way, we are going to have a celebration Party August 24th at Lake Charles, at 2:00 pm. It is going to be a dessert Potluck and everyone is welcome to come celebrate with us. We would feel very honored if you came.

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