Nails in the Parking Lot

We had a church work day today to take off the old and put on the new. That is we were taking off the old siding on our gym and what we call the “Old Sanctuary”, and putting on new Hardi-plank siding along with new vinyl windows. One of the guys working spotted a nail in the parking lot, held it up and said that’s not good. He then called his wife and asked if she would bring down their 2 young boys, I guess 6 or 7 years old, to the church. When they got there he or their Mom told them that they would pay them 10 cents for every nail they picked up. They looked for about an hour and found over a hundred nails. I wonder how many flat tires would have resulted from those nails if they hadn’t been picked up. I was very impressed with the boys in that I didn’t hear any complaining from them that they had gotten pulled away from a computer game or a television program. They went right to work looking and did so very diligently until they were sure they had found all of the nails. I thought to myself, “those boys are being well parented and trained so that they grow in the character trait of diligence”.

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