Overly Dependent

My cell phone died about a week ago. Not everything quit, just the part that sent the other person’s voice to the speaker, I couldn’t hear the person who called me and they couldn’t hear me. I tried to fix it, but had no success. I googled it and got 10 suggestions on how to fix it, but none of them worked. I took it to the Apple store in Corvallis and they put it on a tester and announced that my phone was dead and unfixable, and that the warranty was past the cutoff date. Oh well, I would have probably spent the money on something like a fishing rod anyway.

So I finally gave in and got a new one today, and it works great. For the last week I was constantly fiddling with that phone trying to get it to work. The phone would ring, I would answer and nothing. That kept happening over and over again, and every time it did I got a little more agitated. I am not addicted to alcohol, I am not addicted to drugs, I am not addicted to porn, but I do appear to be addicted to my cell phone. Strange how we are as people, addicted to a cell phone, yes, we are really strange.

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