Going Home

This morning we are packing all our stuff into one carry on bag and we will all have a 50 pound fish box with frozen fish that we will check on. When we get home tonight about 10:00 pm it will still be frozen. Because I went on a Halibut charter I will have two boxes, one of Halibut and one of Sockeye salmon. The first box is free and the second one will be $25, a pretty good price for 100 pounds of super tasting fish. I love coming on these Alaska fishing trips, this is my 22 consecutive year of coming to Alaska in July to fish for Sockeye Salmon and Halibut, buts I am always super glad to go home after the week or so that we are up here. It is amazing how long it seems we have been here and at the same time how quickly the time has gone. I always go home very, very tired because I hardly sleep while we are up here because I want to fish as much as possible, but I also go home very, very refreshed emotionally, fishing does that to me. If I live to be 90 years old and can still think clearly, and am reasonably healthy, I will still be making goals, doing ministry, thinking up crazy things to do, writing a blog, and fishing.

One of the hardest things for many followers of Jesus is to live a successful life that is a balanced life in the sense of God’s part and our part in living life and bearing fruit. Paul says in the New Testament, “I don’t consider anything as coming from myself, but my adequacy is from God”, and Jesus said, “apart from me you can do nothing”. But Paul also writes, “run the race with endurance”, “exercise self control in every area of your life”, “be faithful”, and on the list goes. So, I change the oil in my car so it will last, and I steward my body and health so it will last. I ask God for His strength, wisdom, and guidance every morning, and at the end of the day I thank Him for everything. At the same time I make “to do lists”, goals, I work hard, and I go fishing. I want very much to hear Jesus say, “well done, good and faithful servant”.

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