We as people are very easily confused on values, we will often think something worthless is worth a lot, and something that has great value, we hardly notice. I read a book years ago by the title, ” Who Switched the Price Tags” which went into depth on this very common problem that people have. I talked with a man who had poured his life into making his business successful so he would have enough money to provide his family with all that they needed and wanted, but now that they were adults none of them talked to him. He confessed to me that he realized to late what was really important in life. “Realizing to late what is really important in life”, what a sad statement. I have been gone for 2 weeks fishing in Alaska, a very enjoyable time for sure. I got home at midnight and today went to our church’s annual baptism, and listened to 18 people share how their lives have been changed by Jesus Christ and watched as they were baptized, publicly showing their commitment to Christ. Wow, 2 weeks of the best fishing couldn’t come close to touching this. Dear Lord, please help me not to lose the ability to know what is eternally valuable and what is temporary and dust.

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