I Love to Fish

Yesterday I caught 3 sockeye salmon and today I caught 3 sockeye salmon, 3 is the limit per day, so I limited out the last 2 days, except that it took me 9 hours of fishing yesterday and again today to do that, so that is 3 hours of fishing for each fish. That seems like a lot of time except for me because I love to fish, and I love to fish if I am catching and if I am not, because when you aren’t catching you know it will get better any minute now, the next cast, or the next cast, any minute now, so I keep casting.

Fishing for 9 hours and catching 3 fish seems boring to some, to others a waste of time, and to others just plain nonsense. But, while I am fishing I am thinking, I am dreaming, I am inventing, I am building things, I am solving problems, I am mentally writing sermons, I am planning my life, I am praying, a lot, I am writing goals, and I am thinking about God and eternity. Fishing has this magical ability to disconnect me from all the pressures, responsibilities, and expectations of my life, and I am so incredibly freed up to think with amazing freedom and lack of any incumbrance.

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