Feeling Better

Today was a nice day of mostly sitting, reading, writing and a little fishing. The sockeye are still not in yet, but we put in a few hours this morning to make sure. I did some study on my future Philippians series and worked on memorizing the book as well as reading it through which is my goal, read the book of Philippians every day. Everyone has been sick with the flu at some point in their life, and probably everyone has thought that they were going to die or maybe just wished they would. I felt that way, which brought the verse in Philippians 1 to mind where Paul says, “to die is gain” and “to go and be with Christ is so much better than sticking around here on this planet”. He goes on to say that to live and continue in this body will mean “fruitful labor for me”. “Fruitful labor”, I want that, I wonder what it will look like, I wonder if God has some new things for me to do, or if it is pretty much what it has been, I wonder how long I have, I wonder what adjustments I will need to make for energy loss, I wonder if what God wants me to do will be clear, obvious, or will I need to do some searching and experimenting. It is kind of like fishing, you don’t know what’s under the water, but you fish and if you are a good fisherman, pretty soon you will know.

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