Pastor Dee’s Bicycle Trip 2019 Day 2

Today was day 2 of our round trip bicycle ride to Glacier National Park in Montana. I included 2 pictures of our camp last night. The one with Cliff is to show you how cold it was this morning, which it probably will be for the entire trip because much of the trip is in higher elevations. It was hard to get out of that warm sleeping bag this morning. We bicycled 73 miles today and went over Santiam Pass so there was lots of hill climbing. It was a hot day but all the hard climbing was done by 11am and the last 30 miles was all down hill. My high speed going down into Sisters was 36 mph. It would have been faster but we had a strong head wind as we went East today. Tonight we are staying with the Burkhart’s, a family that Patty and I are very good friends with, and they attended JBC for years before retiring and moving to Bend. We get to sleep in a nice bed, had barbecued burgers for dinner, and I hear we get bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Tomorrow will be a long day as we pedal 105 miles to Riley, a town of one store and a post office, but the store has a little camp sight right behind it. Tomorrow will be nothing but sage brush, and not much else, and very hot. So far my legs, knees, and feet are doing good, but my rear end is screaming and yelling at me. If it weren’t for good old Butt Butter I am not sure I could endure the pain, but a couple more days and I should be toughened up a lot.

Well, I was going to write some more, but I am having a hard time staying awake so I will write more tomorrow.

1 thought on “Pastor Dee’s Bicycle Trip 2019 Day 2

  1. Lina Cohn

    Dear Pastor, you are totally an inspiration to many people including us. We have been reading about your experiences in your bike trip. We are looking forward to meeting you when you get back. My husband and I were so honor to meet with your wife yesterday. We felt very welcome by her and the people around. God bless you
    Larry and Lina Cohn



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