Day 1 is in the bag

It is amazing that considering my last couple of fishing trips that nothing went wrong today, at least nothing serious or permanent. As we turned out our driveway it seemed like my bike was exceptionally hard to pedal. Cliff my brother yelled at me that something was wrong with my bike. Oh great, I thought, we haven’t gone 10 feet and it is starting already. Evidently my bicycle which has been on our front porch for the last week fell over when a bunch of the grandkids were having an air soft war at our house. The back tire, which I hadn’t tightened enough after putting new tubes in was rubbing on the frame so I pushed it back where it was supposed to be and tightened up the nuts on the side and off we went. The only problem was the usual buttock pain on the first day. I am going to put a different seat or saddle on for tomorrow to make some different spots hurt, I brought 3 and will rotate between them for a couple of days until the old rear end toughens up a bit more. I brought 2 big tubes of “Butt Butter”, and it works quite well. I am getting ready to boil some water to pour into a pouch of freeze dried dinner, pretty tasty stuff. I will take pictures most days and put on my blog but the WiFi here is pretty weak and I don’t think they would send. Almost all uphill today as we climbed about 3,000 feet but the legs are feeling good so far. It is supposed to be near record heat for the next couple of days so I anticipate drinking lots of water and lattering up with the sunscreen.

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