Train your brain

I was recently talking to a guy who had just finished his first marathon. We talked about how your mind takes over around mile 18 to 22 and screams at you to stop running because you are killing yourself. This experience that almost all marathon runners have is called hitting the wall, and until you have actually experienced it, it is hard to understand. But once you have experienced it you are amazed at how much power your brain has to control your actions even contrary to what you really want to do. If a person runs multiple marathons he learns how to run through the wall by ignoring the thoughts that pour into his mind to quit and replacing those thoughts with positive, I can do it thoughts. On the second marathon that I ran which was in Vancouver, British Colombia, I got to mile 18 and there was the beginning of a one mile long hill. As I started up the hill my mind started whining and complaining, and then a spectator stood up out of his lawn chair and held up a sign he had written that said, “you can do it”. He shouted out to me, “Hey, number 440 (that was my bib number), I wrote this sign just for you”. It was amazing how powerful that sign, that shout out of encouragement to me at that perfect time changed my self talk and I kept running and improved my first marathon time by 30 minutes. Our minds are like a spoiled child and we have to train it to be strong and tough. Our mind is connected to our Old Nature that is selfish, lazy, self absorbed, and really likes comfort. The people who accomplish the most in life train their brain, and take every thought captive to the obedience to Christ.

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