Do Not Conform

One of the strongest messages of the Bible is do not conform to the world. That would be that part of the world we live in, the culture we live in. Cultures establish values, rules of behavior, standards of what is right and what is wrong, a list of what is true and what is false, a belief in what will bring joy and what won’t, and a philosophy of the meaning of life and the afterlife. The Bible is the very Word of God expressed and written by people who had a special relationship with God that allowed them to hear the message that God had for the world. As a person who is seeking for truth and for God, reads the Bible he will quickly discover that much of what they read doesn’t agree with the world. When choosing what to accept, what to believe, and what to use as their standard, people are powerfully pulled in the direction of conforming to those around them because of their super strong desire to be accepted by others. Most people’s self worth comes from their perception of what the opinion of their peers is of them, and because our personal self worth is so important to us we work hard to impress the world around us so that their opinion of us will be positive so that our opinion of ourselves will be positive. But the basic message of the Bible is “be different”, do not conform, don’t follow the crowd, instead follow the standard of God as given in the Bible. In order to be successful in following God’s way and not conforming to the way of the world, we have to have help from other people. A key role of our church family is to produce an environment of our own, a counter culture that gives us the security to have the strength so as not to allow the world to push us into their mold.

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