Bicycle Trip

Every year for the last 7 years I have gone on a long bicycle trip with some other people. Last year we went from my house to the Grand Canyon, then up to Yellowstone National Park and then back home. That was about 4,000 miles and took us 65 days to ride including rest days. The year before that in 2017 we did a trip around the State of Oregon that was 2000 miles. In 2016 3 of us took our wives who road in a pickup with a camper and pulling a trailer, and we went from San Diego to St Augustine, Florida. This was probably my most enjoyable trip because of Patty being along and because of all the new country that I hadn’t seen before. In 2014 John Smith and I road all the way across the nation on what is called the “Nortern Tier” and ended in Portand, Maine, this was probably my favorite trip because of all the people we met on the trip and also because of the added challenge of carrying everything on our bikes. The very first trip was in 2013 when my brother Cliff and I road to Fairbanks, Alaska. It is about 2500 miles to Fairbanks from our house and we road about half of it. That was by far the most beautiful of all the trips and we saw 92 bears on the trip to add some excitment to the trip.

This year my brother Cliff, his wife Kathy, and a friend, Tom Zilverberg will ride to Glacier National Park and back home in a circular route. The trip is right at 2000 miles and we plan on leaving on June 10th and getting home on July 9th, exactly one month. So because we are leaving in 4 days I have been really busy getting all my stuff together.  All day long I am writing things down what I need to get before we head on the trip, I keep racking my  brain knowing that I have not remembered everything.

I love doing these bicycle trips because of the “alone time” I get every day as I ride along, talking to no one but God, enjoying the time of reflextion and meditation. I have some ideas for trips for the next 5 years. One is to hit all lower 48 States which would be a long trip and would take about  100 days to complete. Another one that I have already got all routed out is to start at the tip of Flordia and go to Fairbanks, Alaska.

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