Lazy People

I taught at a parenting dessert tonight, and my main emphasis was parent on purpose. That means that as parents we are training our kids with the goal of adding specific character traits to their life. Most parents are in neutral on effort until their kid does something wrong, then they shift it into high gear for a little while, then back to neutral when everything is cool. Parents ought to train their kids in high gear all the time, but especially when their kids are in high gear, when they are motivated, learning, and growing. Aggressively teach and encourage then, and it is so rewarding. As we parented on purpose we targeted character traits and the one on the top of our list was diligence. As a pastor I have observed that a key reason many people don’t do the basic disciplines of the Christian life is because they are lazy, it is to hard, meaning they might have to watch 30 minutes less television if they read their Bibles every day. People who manage time well get more done than most because they work faster than most. Men who love their wives well do so because they do the things that lazy men don’t do. Kids that get good grades aren’t usually smarter than other kids, but they almost always are much harder workers. All kids are born lazy, and many stay lazy their entire life.

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