The Devil Made Me Sin

Sin is our problem in life. You sin, I sin, we all sin. The desire of God for us is that we grow and sin less and less. This picture is of me with a snake in Vietnam on a short term mission trip. It also is a picture of me battling the sin in my life so that it doesn’t overcome me, but that I conquer it. The sins I now work at overcoming are way different than they used to be, not as bad by the world’s standards, but I still want to get them out of my life. Here is a prayer that I wrote that I read most evenings during my prayer time.

Dear Lord,

I love You. I want to please You. I commit so many sins. Please forgive me and cleanse me. I desire to conquer them and to never do them again. Please help me for apart from You I can do nothing. Convict me Holy Spirit before, during, and after I sin so that I become increasingly aware of my sin, especially before and give me the strength to make my body obey You and not my flesh or the devil. I pray that in my striving against sin that I would not grow weary of the battle, that I would not allow the world to convince me that they aren’t that bad and to accept them in my life as OK. I especially pray and ask that in my journey as an overcomer that I would be an example to those around me and that I would be wise enough to put into words the keys and principles that were part of my growth in righteousness so that I could effectively teach others. Thank You for my salvation, and the will to be righteous that You have put into my heart. I so much look forward to the day I step into glory, get my new body that will be like Yours. Then and only then will the battle be over. I know when that day comes that I will realize without a doubt that all the striving and battling that I did in this life will have been worth it all.

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