Warm Showers

When people work together in unity it is always a positive and fruitful experience even with complete strangers. I belong to an organization called “Warm Showers”. They are a group of bicycle enthusiasts who agree to host at least 2 groups of bicyclists a year if contacted. In agreeing to do this you get an App that has every Warm Shower member in the USA listed and there are over 70,000 host homes. 4 of us are leaving June 10th on a 2,000 mile bicycle trip to Glacier National Park and back again. As I plan the trip I first look for camp sights and then I look for Warm Shower member homes, and I usually find several. Several years ago when we did a trip from San Diego to St Augustine, Florida we stopped at a Warm Shower members place in Louisiana and he owned a Cajun Food Restaurant. He not only provided a place to sleep but he let us order anything off of the menu, and having never eaten any before I order 10 lbs of Crawfish. I ate them all. I don’t know who originally came up with idea behind Warm Showers but it is a good one.,

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