Children and Grandchildren

Our youngest daughter, Sally, her husband Aaron, and there 3 kids visited us from Oahu these last couple of days. This is a picture of their oldest, Duke (nice name) surfing near where they live. It is always such a major blessing when our kids visit. For so many years our 8 children were the center of our lives, everything we did revolved around them. The years when we had them all home, in school, playing sports, fishing, camping, family work days, and going to church, were the best and most enjoyable years of my life. At 70 years of age I often reflect on those years and replay them over and over in my mind. I sometimes wish that I could turn the clock back and live them again, but life goes on in chapters and I like the chapter we are in now. We parented on purpose, that is we had very clear goals for character and behavior set for our kids, and we measured and evaluated how we were doing by how they were doing. It is so rewarding to see them doing well in life now, walking with the Lord, their marriages doing good, and their kids being trained pro-actively to love the Lord and live for Him.

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