Getting Wiser, Maybe

One of my personal goals is to go to a seminar at least once each year that is for Pastors. I went to one today that was held in Lebanon with two son in laws who are pastors, my son, Sam who is a pastor, associate pastor, Brandon, and bunch of other local pastors that I know well. The seminar was good, but the really fun part for me was seeing all the young guys that were there getting motivated to serve the Lord as they Shepherd a church full of people. I made a goal to go because I want to get a little wiser and more skilled in this complicated job of trying to move people closer to God. I didn’t come away with any new ideas, strategies, or methods, but I did come away encouraged about the Church. The Church is the hope of the world, but the Church has been taking it on the chin for awhile now, so today was fun as I was in a room of about 75 pastors who were mostly young guys.

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