A new Vice

For most of my life I have had a bowl of ice cream in the evening while sitting in my recliner reading, sometimes 2 bowls if there was a blazer game on or some other game that warranted a bowl of ice cream. On January 1st this year I went on “no sugar, no wheat” diet that has had a profound impact on my health. That means that I haven’t had any ice cream for almost 6 months. Patty has bought me several brands of ice cream that is “no sugar”, but it tastes terrible, and I have not had any more. Since quitting I have been looking for a new vice. To qualify the vice needed to be a food or drink that I enjoy because ice cream was sort of an end of the day celebration for having gotten through another day and for accomplishing some things that mattered. So a celebration required something that tasted really good like ice cream did, that is why that “no sugar” stuff wasn’t going to cut it. Well tonight I dubbed the new celebration vice, pop corn with lots of butter. It is very enjoyable to sit in my recliner reading and munch on pop corn casually and occasionally lick the butter off of my fingers. Actually I have to lick my fingers often because I read mostly from my IPad and the butter messes up my screen big time as I touch it to turn pages . Popcorn with lots of butter is not exactly a low calorie snack, which is why it qualifies as a vice. I don’t want to totally eat and drink what is good for me, that would make life boring for sure. So now I will be trying various brands and ways of making it that will make it even more wonderful and qualify me as an expert on popcorn.

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