Fine tuning

I worked on my bicycle for a couple hours today getting it ready for our 2,000 mile ride in the month of June to Glacier National Park. I replaced the pads on the disk brakes, put new tires and tubes on, put a new seat on, and fiddled with it for an hour trying to get the perfect height and angle on it so it was comfortable, relatively speaking, of course. I had a squeak in the front wheel that I just couldn’t seem to figure out quite where it was coming from, but finely got it gone. Tomorrow I am going to try and squeeze in an hour ride someplace. I haven’t ridden on the road with my bike for 10 months, just the stationary one in the house. I hope I haven’t forgotten how!

I got to thinking as I was working on my bike how nice it would be if I could do some fine tuning on my character and behavior in 2 hours that would make me good as new. All it took for the bike was a couple of new parts, an allan wrench, a pair of needle nose pliers, a couple of wrenches, and a tire pump to make the old bike like brand new.

I really want to get better, to grow to be like Jesus, to be mature, and to never, ever backslide not even a little bit. But, man, it is slow going, like trying to find that squeak. But, you just keep working at it, a little bit here and a little bit there. Evaluate, examine, and reflect, then commit, resolve, and plan, then confess and do it all over again with hopefully better results.

2 thoughts on “Fine tuning

  1. robertahlquist99

    Dee – I would love to hear an update on your Parkinson’s! Last I heard, you quit eating sugar and flour and your symptoms basically disappeared and you don’t need meds anymore. Is that still the same?



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