Marriage Retreat

We just finished our third Marriage Retreat at Odell Lake Lodge in the month of April. Each one had about 22 couples, so discounting the several couples who came to all three to help there were about 60 couples who came this year. Patty and I spoke at all three and we both had a wonderful time fellowshipping with everyone and getting to know people as we ate with them and shared about our lives in general and also about our marriages. The quality of marriages in our church is all over the board. There are some very unified, spiritually strong, loving, and joy filled marriages, and then there are those that are characterized by anger, bitterness, resentment, fighting, and lack of love. Patty and I are going to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this August and we have a very good marriage, characterized by unity, care for one another, enjoyment in our relationship, and a very strong spiritual oneness. The difference is that those who have good marriages work at it. They always want to grow in their marriage relationship so are constantly seeking advice and counsel. Proverbs is clear saying dozens of times in 31 chapters, “In abundance of counselors there is victory”. So many are to proud to seek help, but even the best marriage can use help. Couples who have been married for 50 years and have a good marriage ought to be sought out often for counsel but it doesn’t happen much. Humble, teachable people grow and are blessed by God. Self sufficient, prideful people think that they can do it on their own, but they are wrong and will pay a high price for their arrogance.

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