Bitterness kills marriages and all relationships

The warnings in the Bible about bitterness are everywhere. Simply put there probably isn’t anything we can do even just a little bit that has more consequence to it than being bitter and its coralarys. The opposite is to forgive anybody of anything quickly no matter how bad what they did to us is and no matter how many times they have done what they have done. It seems a bit overboard to say it like that but Jesus is quite clear on this. We have been forgiven of everything by Him because of His death on a cross, and He commands that we forgive quickly anybody of anything. The consequences of failing to do this is Jesus not forgiving our sins, which means He will not hear our prayers, we will not have peace or joy, we won’t be able to understand the bible, we won’t have any power, and many more equally bad deals. The way I have learned to deal with these situations where I feel hurt, offended, irritated, or just plain judgmental about their life style or performance especially as it relates to and affects my life or the life of someone close to me is to make them a major recipient of my prayers for a season. In the evening when I do most of my praying I think of anyone who I am annoyed with all the way up to hate and every feeling or attitude in between. I pray God’s blessings on them and then ask God to give me the strength to forgive them as He has forgiven me. Every time a negative thought pops into my head about this person I pray, “Father, thank You for forgiving me of all my sins, I choose to forgive this person of all that they have done because You have forgive me. Please bless them with great success in life.”

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