Maiden Voyage

Well, I finished everything on the boat and I finished the trailer today and decided to take it on her maiden voyage at Freeway Lakes.I pulled it with my Kia Reo, and the Kia pulled it fine, though it looks funny because the boat and trailer are bigger than car😀. Once I got it in the lake she worked good. It is very stable, and I can stand clear on one side with very little tipping. I rowed for awhile and every pull on the oars resulted in a lot of net forward movement. I also ran it with the electric trolling motor, and on the lowest setting it went about 2 miles an hour. I would like it if I could get it to go 1 mph, because that is the perfect trolling speed. I might have to drag a bucket behind the boat to slow it down a bit. But it handled nicely, it was very stable, and it looks very nice, especially with me in it.

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