Good Day

What makes a day good? With many it means no problems, no surprises, things went smooth, nothing unexpected. With others it means lots of work done, everything checked off their todo list. And with many it means meaningful time with friends or family. A really good day is when all of the above happened, which is not only a really good day, but a very rare day. Today was a super day for me because I got to spend 8 hours in the prayer room at JBC praying with a couple hundred different people through out the day. Every hour there is a 15 minute break in the praying and people come and go. Some pray for a number of hours but most come and pray an hour and then head off for work or whatever else is on their schedule. Today we averaged a little over 30 people in the prayer room every hour. One person prays a short prayer and everyone in the room is listening and agreeing with their prayer in their mind and heart, and then a different person prays, and so it goes for 45 minutes. During these times the presence of God couldn’t be any more real even I could see Him. Spending 8 hours experiencing such a strong manifestation of God’s presence does a lot to a persons spirit and soul. My faith grows noticeably stronger, my inner sense of peace is incomprehensible, my joy level is greater than it is on a fishing trip, and the very strong sense of God’s pleasure in me as His son is the best. Besides the intimacy with God, the fellowship with all the different people is so good. Listening to people talk to God about their wayward kids, their sick neighbors, their spiritually lost friends creates a special kind of bonding. 8 hours of being in God’s presence and intense relational bonding with people is what made this a very good day for me.

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