There are some legitimate reasons to get a divorce, but not very many, and I would guess about 90% of those getting divorced are doing so because of their inability to get along. I preached a sermon series years ago called “Get Alongers”, and each sermon in the series addressed a Biblical principle on how to get along with just about any person. When we violate those principles we will have conflict, and conflict in a marriage tends to increase over time as the principles continue to be violated. The continuing conflict results in bitterness, unhappiness, adultery, and divorce.

God has very strong statements in the Bible about marriage and divorce, but very few people have enough fear of the Lord to take seriously His commands and His will for their life.

A really good marriage is possible with just about any married couple, but it takes lots of work and diligence. There are many excellent books on marriage that couples could read, there are CD’s and DVD’s available that have great advice and counsel on how to have a great marriage, there are really good counselors available that can be a referee and teach the key principles on unity and love, and there are seminars and retreats available that make a huge difference in the quality of any couples marriage.

I guess it is just easier to get the divorce than to do the work to have a good marriage, it is just easier to blame your spouse than to be obedient to God and do whatever it takes to make your marriage work.

If anyone wants to work on their marriage and improve the quality of it I can recommend books, CD’s, DVD’s, couples who do marriage mentoring, great counselors, seminars, and retreats.

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