Being Real

One of my life purposes is to be entirely motivated in all my behavior by my love for Jesus which will result in seeking to please Him in all that I do instead of the people around me. I am very aware of the fact that because my job is to minister to people, to preach to them so they know God’s will and His way for their life, to counsel them, and to pray for them, that I can become a people pleaser, that is I would seek the approval of people for what I do. I also realize the fact that I would not become a people pleaser on purpose, but it would happen gradually so that I wouldn’t even notice the change. One of the practices that I watch out for that would indicate a major infection of people pleasing in my heart would be “projecting an Image”, that is pretending to be something and someone that I perceive that people will like and admire. I work at being transparent, real, and genuine in an attempt to keep from being controlled by people’s opinion of what is good, acceptable and cool. Every evening I review the day, examine my life, and confess all known sin to God. This is one of my ministry disciplines. As I think through the day the sin that I commit more than any other is saying things specifically for the purpose of impressing someone with my godliness. As I replay the day and recognize the number of times that I have been a “show off” I get so discouraged with myself, thinking “how can I be an influencer of people when I am so controlled by them”. It is a slow process of becoming and growing into a mature person, that is someone who is secure enough in who they are they don’t have to try and be someone else, but I will work on it becoming more and more that person every day.

1 thought on “Being Real

  1. Patty Whitman Lane

    I had to get to the ripe old age of at least 55 or so to know who I really was. I thought I was this way but learned it wasn’t as easy as being that way. I learned to know the changes and live accordingly and now that I am 68 and Phil is 79 soon to be 80, I am a different person even now with different goals and outlook on our lives together, but one thing that has never changed, I get hurt too easily but I still put myself out there to help where I can, love when it’s needed and have tons of compassion when God shows me it’s the right thing to have. He’s amazing and no matter what changes I’ve gone through in my life, warts and all, He is and has always been there to show me how to be me, to be real.and to help others feel that from me.



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