Good Advise and Counsel

When I was in my first 10 years of pastoring I sought advice from just about every pastor I knew on a regular basis. There were a couple of reasons why I did this, the first was because of an intense desire and longing to get better in every area as a pastor. That insatiable thirst for improvement and growth as a pastor drove me to seek for advice and counsel from anybody and everybody who would give it. The second reason is an extension of the first, in that I had a genuine concern for people and their problems. I wanted to be able to help people have good marriages, I wanted to share the gospel so clearly and compellingly that many would believe it and become part of God’s family, and I wanted people to be exceptionally fulfilled as they lived the Christian life for God. I also had a very strong belief in the power of counsel as a source of wisdom in life. Now after 42 years pastoring I find myself in the position of being the one who gives the advice and counsel to those who want it. I enjoy very much coaching guys in ministry who are teachable and humble and will easily learn, change, and grow. There are many who I see struggling in their jobs, their marriage, and with their kids, but are to proud to ask for advice, and so they continue to fail.

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