I used to play golf with my sons, and when we played together, the three of us, they would give me 2 or 3 mulligans per game. That is I got to have a second chance hitting a ball that I had just hit for 2 feet off of the Tee or a missed put from 10 inches. I was always appreciative of this mercy and grace they showed to me in an attempt to keep me in the game, though I could have used a dozen or more mulligans. I have often wished that there were mulligans in life so when I did something dumb and stupid I would have a chance to fix it. But there are no mulligans in the game of life, when I do something stupid, there it is , big as life for all to see. When I say something totally off base, and it is hurtful to those who hear, I can’t order people to forget they heard it, I said it, they heard it, and the damage done. I can only hope that in time all those involved in and who heard what I said will forget it and forgive. Listen to this amazing verse, in James 1:19 “This you know, my beloved brethren. But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger”. Slow to speak, whoooeee I wish I would do this.

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