On Monday I caught 2 steelhead and had a great time fishing with two other great fishermen and friends, and the weather was good to boot. It was a very good day until I got home and discovered that I had lost my wallet. I put it in the inside pocket of my coat so it would stay out of the rain and would remain dry. I didn’t need it all day and never once took it out, but when I got home and took my coat off to hang It up, my wallet was gone. I called both of the guys I fished with to check their pickups where I had sat and the boat that we fished in, nothing. I suspected that while I leaned against the side of the pickup putting on my chest waders that I inadvertently lifted up the bottom of my coat allowing my wallet to fall on the ground. It was either that or when I took the waders off in the parking lot where we finished fishing. I spent several hours today calling credit card companies to cancel the cards and get new ones, DMV to get a new drivers license, Oregon Marine Board to get a new boat operators license, health insurance cards, AAA card, and several other cards. It was surprising how much I had in that little wallet that was really important.

I remember the time I got lost in the woods while hunting. I didn’t realize at first that I was lost, I thought I knew where I was and how to get back to camp, but when I realized that I wasn’t where I thought I was and that I had no idea where I really was, and not a clue how to get back to camp I felt a bit panicky. I calmed myself down by reminding myself that I had matches and food and it wasn’t really very cold, and 4 or 5 hours walk in any direction would bring me to a major road. This was before the days of GPS’s but I had my handy Dandy compass so I could walk in a relatively straight line once I decided which direction I would walk. It was almost dark so I needed to decide if I was going to stop until daylight or keep walking in the dark with my flashlight, I decided to keep walking until my batteries wore out. Walking in the woods at night is spooky with all the noises that seem to come from everywhere. A black angus cow busted out of some brush as I walked by and it looked just like a big black bear. Now that was spooky!! At midnight I crossed a dim dirt road that I thought I recognized, but because of the darkness wasn’t sure, but decided to follow it in the direction that camp was supposed to be in case it was the right toad. It wasn’t long before I saw the propane lanterns and the campfire of our camp, and walked in as my hunting partners expressed thanks that I was back safe and sound. It felt really good to be safe and secure in camp, and not wandering around in the woods lost.

Losing my wallet was a bummer, being lost in the woods at night is very spooky, but I can’t imagine what it would be like to be spiritually lost, that is to have no answers for your life after death. People seem to deal with it by simply not thinking about it. That seems so naïve considering the consequences of ignoring God. If there is a God, He certainly would be powerful. A big, very powerful God could certainly communicate to us people, it seems totally crazy that He would just ignore us. Looking around and considering the options available to us as the most reasonable means of communication by a really big God to a very small people, the Bible is the obvious answer, especially after reading it repeatedly. The Bible tells us about God, His plan, His love, His gift of salvation to us so that we don’t have to be lost. If I had no clue what would happen to me after I died, I would be looking very hard for an answer, not just hoping blindly for the best.

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