I Love Fishing

A healthy soul is a key to perseverance, to managing pressure and responsibility, it is the key to having grit. One of the ways to maintain or achieve a healthy soul is by periodically engaging in activities that bring a renewal in emotional energy. Probably the activity that renews me the most is fishing. It is a mystery to me why fishing is so powerful to lift my spirits and my mood when I am feeling down and drained. I was totally run out of gas last night, I was discouraged because of a number of events that happened this past week, I was struggling with frustration over past decisions that I had made, and I was fretting about possible future problems that I would have to face and fix, and not sure if I could. That is a typical Sunday night state of mind and emotion for me. Everything seems worse than it really is, and my ability to take my thoughts captive and turn them positive is pathetic. Today I got up at 4:00 am and went steelhead fishing with a friend from the church, and it is amazing how much better I feel tonight than last night. we fished on the Siletz River, and the three of us in the drift boat all caught fish, I landed 2 and fought and lost another 2. It was a great day, and I feel great and have a healthy soul.

3 thoughts on “I Love Fishing

  1. Tammi (Nyquist) Houchin

    Dee, I listen to you on KLove most mornings. You have always been an inspiration. Thank you for your messages and prayers for my marriage! Love you, Tammi (Nyquist) Houchin.

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