Getting everything Done

I had a much longer “todo” list today than normal for me. That happens on Fridays often because I have all these things that I put on my list all week long and didn’t get them done. Reminds me of when I was a kid growing up on the farm. Anything that we didn’t finish off for dinner each night went in the refrigerator and then all of it went into a stew for Friday night, so the motto at dinner was. “What you don’t eat tonight you will eat on Friday”. Well that was my day today, stew. I never minded stew on Friday as a kid, it usually tasted pretty good, and I like stew now, but I don’t like a “stew todo” list. But they were important things on the list, so how do we make this a fun and interesting day instead of boring. Cleaning up my shop was one of the items on my list, and it was on my list every day this week but I never did it, because it is a tedious and boring activity. So I decided I would do it in 15 minute blocks of time, and in between the block of 15 minutes I would do something that was fun and challenging. I had several other tedious, boring jobs on the list that I had rolled back all week long so I was spending most of the day alternating between the “Do I have to do this” jobs, to the “wow, this is fun” jobs, or goals. A major principle of time management is that most of our wasted time in a day happens during the transitions from one job to another, because momentum is lost and needs to be regained every time we switch activities. So, switching activities may be more interesting, but it has potential to be a huge time waster kind of day. As I thought about this during my second 15 minute block of time activity, I decided that when I finished my 15 minutes of drudgery in the shop I would run to the location of the next thing on my list, and the running to the next job would help me get myself in 4th gear quickly. It actually worked quite well, but I did have to resist the urge to drive to fast when a couple of times the next thing on my list required that I change locations to my office or a trip into Albany for a meeting, and then a few items at Sportsman’s Warehouse , and Home Depot😀.

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