Men’s Breakfast

Men’s breakfast at JBC was this morning at 7 am. There was 121 guys there, and it was a great time of eating, fellowshipping, and hearing a motivational message from Jeff Carter on being “Strong”. I had fasted the previous 36 hours as part of my goals of fasting 36 hours once a week so I only ate a small helping of scrambled eggs and 6 pieces of bacon, and it tasted so good😀

As I walked around saying Hi to everyone, chatting, and introducing myself to the guys I didn’t know or had forgotten their name since the last time I had seen them, I thought what a good ministry and monthly event this is. Guys need good friends, but often the responsibilities and pressures of life crowd out “friend time”. Men are often “self-sufficient”, and don’t realize how important this kind of time is for inner renewal, or they just don’t want to admit that they need it. As I sat eating with some friends, listening to the message, and then hanging out afterwards I said a little prayer in my mind, “Thank You Lord, for the very special blessing that I have of so many very good, and close friends, this truly is a major source of joy in my life”!

Some might think that the reason that I have so many friends, not just close acquaintances, but guys who help me in a jamb, go fishing with me, pray for me, and spend time just talking about life, God, and goals, is because I am the Pastor. But I know lots of Pastors who have very few friends, close friends, real friends. I think the reason I have many friends is because I put a very high value on the role friends have in my life, and I in theirs. I know without a doubt that because of my friends I have much more joy in my life than I would have without them. I have a healthy soul because of the part they play in my life of giving me God’s grace as a source of strength and stability. Men who have lots of healthy relationships with other men is because they choose to, they look for friendships and they are friendly.

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