Thoughtful / gentle / gracious

When I rank the 26 character traits, my strongest and best one at the top, and my worst one at the bottom, “Thoughtfulness, Gentle, and gracious” comes in second from the bottom, but when Patty ranks the 26 it comes in dead last. This has been the bottom or close to it most of my life. I have tried very hard to improve in this area of my life over the years especially since I am a pastor and work with people who are often going through trials and difficulties in their life. It seems like the harder I try the worse I get. That isn’t true, it is just my frustration at improving so slowly in something that I am working so hard at. I am pretty sure the problem is in the fact that my pursuit of growth in this area is driven by my understanding and knowledge of what is right and good, and what I ought to do, but the fact is I am pretty comfortable with who I am in this area. Being thoughtful, gentle, gracious, sensitive is something that I acknowledge that I ought to be, but not something I really want to be. I have seriously considered changing my list of 26 to a list of 25 and chucking this one so I don’t have to feel guilty about it anymore.

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