Tough People

A tough person is someone who experiences very painful and difficult circumstances, feels all the emotions that come with hard trials, but doesn’t run off the road, that is he doesn’t stop acting responsibly, continues to love his wife, read to his kids, go to church, read his Bible, and call his Mom. He does what he is supposed to do even when he doesn’t feel like doing it. It seems like toughness isn’t a character trait that is taught or encouraged much any more. It is interesting the way values change in a society. It is sort of like watching the Northern Lights as they weave and bob around for no apparent reason. The way the culture around me changes so rapidly and most of the change going down hill it is so easy to get melancholy sitting in my recliner thinking about it. As a Pastor and leader I am supposed to be a change agent, that is I initiate change for the better, but it is getting more and more difficult to do that. Now it seems like instead of initiating I am being forced into adapting. It would be so easy to heave a big sigh and say, “whatever” , and give into that adapting mentality, and lifestyle. But if I am a tough guy I will recommit every day to being salt and light, looking for opportunities to make a difference, to change things for the better, to influence people to faith in Christ. It happens in our self-talk, the thinking that we do that is about us. I have to stay on top of what is going on in my thinking all the time. Just a few minutes of negative, critical thinking and I am back in that melancholy mood, totally unmotivated to do anything. In reality the difference between being a tough guy and a wimp is about 10 minutes of undisciplined thinking.

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