Goal writing and management of those goals is one of my favorite topics to write and talk about, and one of my favorite things to do. This time of year, right before the New Year, is my really favorite because I get to ponder, think about, and put into motivational words my goals for the next year. On some goals I will spend an hour writing, rewriting, and rewriting some more so I can get it just right. I write an initial list of goals in October, before my birthday, and by now I am ready for a bit of a change so I rewrite most of them again. In October I had 60 goals written and had decided that would be plenty of goals for this year, but as I got to thinking and rewriting I ended up with 70, one for every year I have been alive, which is my normal amount. My last goal is to read my goals every day, and if I faithfully do that, the probability of accomplishing my goals goes up substantially. Reading them every day keeps them in my mind so I am thinking about them most of the day, figuring out how to do them, solving problems and barriers to accomplishing them. Reading them everyday also keeps me motivated and excited about accomplishing them.

I think the goal I am most excited about is camping for one month, from August 23rd, the start of archery deer and elk hunting, to September 25th, the end of archery deer and elk hunting, up in the Steen’s mountains, right next to Fish Lake. Patty is going to go with me so we will have lots of alone time together, and August 24th is our 50th wedding anniversary. One of my goals is to read and write for 5 hours each and every day we are there, and to get 30 sermons all done on the books of Philippians and Colossians, and to have both those books memorized by the time we come home. I am making a 12 X 20 foot wall tent, with a little wood stove to go in it so we can stay nice and warm, camping at 8,000 feet.

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