People and Honey Bees

A number of years ago I got into bee keeping. I had 2 hives of bees and harvested quite a bit of honey over the years that I kept them. One of my side projects was to build a hive in the house that was glass on the outside with an outside exit into it. It was fun to sit in a chair and watch them come and go, feed the young, empty pollen and nectar into the cells, and all the other little duties that they had. It was also fun to watch the queen bee go from cell to cell laying her eggs with an entourage of worker bees surrounding her. It was quite amazing how they functioned in such unity all crowded together in that hive box the way they were.

Patty and I went out to dinner tonight with Pastor Mike and Jodi to the Red Robin restaurant. It was a very busy and noisy place. As we sat eating and visiting I couldn’t help thinking about that bee hive as people came and went, waitresses took orders, brought food, and cleaned up. There were dozens of different conversations in the various booths and tables, and the wait staff all had their areas, and the cooks, the unseen hero’s of the place were in the back doing their thing. All the stories that were represented in that room, all the various personalities, all the very sad and despondent people that were probably amount the crowd, as well as the very happy and content.

I didn’t see anybody in the big room full of people that I knew, and as I looked around the room I wondered, “How many people in this room know Jesus”. Even as I was pondering that question I saw 4 people in another booth all bow their heads and the older man prayed, and they all said Amen when he finished. If statistics are true about 20 in the restaurant were truly born again disciples,of Jesus, and the rest are doomed to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire, if nothing changes in their life.

I often envision heaven and daydream about what it is going to be like. I rarely do that about Hell, it is to sad, but I am driven daily to pray for people, to work hard at ways to attract them to faith in Jesus, and to agonize over the slow progress of doing so.

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