A group of 6 of us had a guys night out and went and saw the movie “Creed II” tonight. Adonis Creed is the son of Apollo Creed the first of Rocky Balboa’s boxing victories. Apollo in a later movie is killed while boxing a Russian boxer named Drago while Rocky was in his corner, and he feels very guilty that he didn’t stop the fight before Apollo was killed. Rocky then goes to Russia and fights Drago and wins in typical Rocky Balboa fashion. In the movie we saw tonight Drago’s son has become a fierce boxer and challenges Adonis to a boxing match, and the movie progresses from there with lots of dialog about motives, family, revenge, etc. again in a typical “Rocky” style. As predictable as the plot is and as corny as some of the lines are, it was still very enjoyable to watch.

I have been pastoring Jefferson Baptist Church for 42 years, and the last half of that time has been very enjoyable with lots of great relationships and memories of good things that God has done. Before that there was lots of conflict, disunity, gossip, hurt feelings, and people leaving. I was always the reason for the problems caused by poor decisions, bad people skills, and just plain stupidity as a leader. At one point I was super discouraged, and decided I was going to quit as the Pastor of the church. I can’t remember what motivated me, but I went down and rented all of the “Rocky” movies that were made to that point, I think 4 of them, and watched them all back to back, I watched movies all night long. After I was finished with the last one I went to bed and slept all day long, and all that next night as well. When I got up on Tuesday morning, I had what I called my “Rocky” fix. I was ready to get up off the canvas and go one more round. Thinking back on that event now as a 70 year old it seems a bit silly and childish, but as I watched tonight I got all jazzed up and decided I would come up with some more crazy goals for my life and ministry.

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