It is funny what will motivate me into action. Sometimes I look at myself like a little kid. I have been faithful to ride my stationary bike every day without fail unless I was traveling and it wasn’t possible. I have also done some running on my tread mill, not a lot, but several times each week, mostly motivated by the upcoming 10K run I just did on Thanksgiving Day. But I have rarely, maybe once a month, done any serious weight lifting, even though it brings huge health benefits into my life. Last night after we got back from the movie, “Creed II” I was looking around online about the history of the “Rocky” movies and I stumbled onto a place that described the present workout schedule and routine for Sylvester Stallone who is 72 years old. I was amazed at how strong he is at his age and how rigorous a routine he goes through every day. Tonight I road my stationary bike 45 minutes and read all the time that I road, then I went out to my “Man Room” and lifted weights for 30 minutes and worked on Scripture Typer memorizing Bible verses in the 2 minute breaks between lifts. Then before I went in I punched on the heavy bag for 10 minutes. I know that now that I have started I will keep it up. There are times in my life when I feel disgusted with myself as I observe my weakness and immaturity, and then there are times when I feel good about where a I am at, and how I am doing. It isn’t a prideful feeling or attitude, but it is a strong sense that the Lord is pleased with my growth, my attitude, and fruit. I am going to bed tonight with a strong sense of growth and accomplishment for this day. I sure wish every day was like this one. It isn’t the exercise, it is because I did what I wanted to do in spite of the negative pull of my lazy body, I exercised self-control.

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