Sat in my New Sauna 1st Time

Sat in my new sauna for the first time tonight. It felt good to get hot and sweat a bunch. I need to make a few changes to the design, but nothing big. I am going to build another bench higher and use my present bench for the foot stool. According to my plans I left a half inch under the door for a fresh air vent and drilled some holes in the wall near the ceiling for the air to exit. That part was fine but sitting with my feet on the floor with cold air coming in under the door kept them on the chilly side, so I had a hot head and cold feet😀. Took a chair from the house and put it on the bench and sat on it and it was perfect. I have decided to make my 4 ft by 5 ft sauna my new prayer room. I can pray out loud and no one can hear me. It is to hot to bring my iPad into so I am going to put all my prayer stuff in a notebook that I will keep in there along with a pen. I am thinking that when I build the higher bench to sit on I will also make a desk in front of it to put my binder on so it will be easier to write. It will be a hot place because of the heater and because of my prayers. I used to pray in my hot tub, but I think this is going to work better because I can write and have a notebook in front of me. Even when I put water on the rocks periodically it is still considerably drier than sitting in the hot tub so paper still stays “writable”. I should have made my sauna big enough to put my recliner in 😀.

1 thought on “Sat in my New Sauna 1st Time

  1. Arlene Williams--Alaskan resident for 29 years!!

    Can’t believe you finished your sauna in such a short time. Gary says, “What’s wrong with relaxing? There are health benefits to that!”



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