My New Sauna

We had lunch with a family in our church, last week. While we were there the husbanded showed us his sauna that he had built outside his house. It looked like an outhouse, but he assured me this was much more important than an outhouse. When I got home I looked up a bunch of articles on the health benefits of sitting in a sauna, there were many, especially for Parkinson’s. I did some searching on the internet and found some plans for a sauna that looked fairly cheap and easy to build. I worked on it the last 3 days off and on, I should finish it tomorrow. Here is a picture of the inside with the stainless steel heater complete with rocks on the top to pour water on to create lots of steam. I used cedar, tongue and groove 1 x 6’s to finish the inside and it smells mighty fine! It is only 4 ft by 5 ft and 7 ft high so it will heat up quick. I leave for the church on Saturdays at 3 pm to get everything ready for my men’s Leadership Class and for the evening service. My goal is to finish my sauna early enough to be able to sit in it for 30 minutes before I head off to the church, so if I look a little wobbly on my feet tomorrow you will know why. It is located on our back porch which our bedroom opens up onto so this sauna will literally be 6 steps from the side of my bed. I usually wake up every couple of hours with muscle aches, pains and cramps so my plan now is to sit in it for 20 minutes and then go back to bed and sleep like a baby. One of the fun parts of life for me is solving problems, overcoming obstacles, and fixing things in life that have quit working.

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