Running a 10K

Today at 8 am I started a 10 K run, that is 6.2 miles, in Albany, Oregon with 2 daughters, a son, a daughter in law, 3 grandkids, we all finished, and I was last across the finish line of the 8 of us. At one point in the run there is a section of the course that is an out and back so there are runners going in both directions, I was close to the finish line, and I saw lots of runners coming from the other direction, which meant they were behind me, I started feeling pretty tough until I realized that they were half marathon runners who were running 13.1 miles, they were on about mile 10, and I was on mile 6. Oh well, it felt good for a few minutes thinking that I was a fairly fast runner, until reality settled in. It was a fairly hilly course so I walked up the hills and ran down them, I can run pretty fast going downhill. It was a very fun day running with my family even if I only saw them at the start and the finish. Two of my grandsons came back to where I was after they finished and ran the last half mile with me. I think I will run this again next year, and train a little bit more.

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