Prayer Journal

I have a Prayer app on my iPad that I use while I am doing most of my praying. I really like it, and use it a lot. About every two weeks I spend a fair amount of time on it and update it. I put in the names of people who have visited church, and people who are new to JBC. I put their picture in the Prayer app also, along with their name and specific information that I have gleaned. I look hard to find them on Facebook in order to get a picture and info about them. If I cant find them on Facebook I try and take their picture with my camera. I put in all the information that I know about them and then collect as much as I can from my research of them from Facebook. When I get all the new people and visitors in my prayer app I feel a great sense of accomplishment, and a strong sense of God’s impending blessing on JBC in general and on these new people in particular. I believe all that the Bible says and promises about prayer, and I believe that God has given me a special gift and power in prayer as I intercede for these new people. There is an enjoyable sense of satisfaction in knowing that I can influence people, their lives, their marriages, their families, and their eternal blessing when I pray for them. This prayer app really helps me not to forget to pray, to remember what to pray for in particular and where a I left off from the last time I was praying for people from this app.

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