Go Karts Running

took the go Kart out fo it’s maiden voyage today, and it ran good, and my grandson Will is having a good time. The seat adjusts so I can ride in it, which I did, and then Will can ride in it as well. I am going to make some modifications in it after it’s initial run around the grass field. It has a solid axle with no differential so it wants to go straight and not turn and the faster you are going the more true that is. I am going to cut the rear shaft in two, put an extra set of bearings on both sides. It will steer different depending on whether you turn right or left, and the power wheel is on the outside or inside of the turning radius, but I think that it will work better than the present setup. I am having so much fun working with my grandsons on this project and they are learning quite a bit from their grandpa. Still have to finish the roll cage and paint the kart and we are having a lot of discussions on color.

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